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Overall Garden Maintenance

Lawn maintenance

Watering: Although adequate watering is very important, over watering and “puddling” must be avoided. Make sure the soil remains moist but not muddy. Do not water later than 2pm so that the grass can dry off before night falls to avoid disease. Rather water in the early morning.

Once established, lawn water requirements will be as follows:

August – April          25mm of water once a week
May – July                25mm – 30mm once a month

Since watering frequency is greatly influenced by soil type and climatic conditions, this watering schedule can only be regarded as a guideline. The grass will “tell” you that it needs water when it takes on a bluish tinge and loses turgidity.

Fertilising: Since lawn has active growth in spring and summer, this is when it needs to be fertilised most. Lawns do best with moderate and regular fertiliser application. Beginning in spring, fertilise the lawn every 4-6 weeks with a slow release 5:1:5 fertiliser. Continue this application throughout summer, with the final application in autumn (April). Again, as with the plants, use an organic fertiliser to avoid burning the lawn.

Mowing: Lawn should be mowed regularly, to a height of 15-20mm. When mowing, never remove more than one third of the leaf length in a single operation as this will ultimately weaken the strand.   Mowing frequency varies according to the season as the growth rate varies. In summer there is active growth, so mow at least once a week. In autumn, growth slows down, so mowing can be reduced to 10-14 day intervals. In winter the growth stops as the grass goes dormant so mowing every 4-6 weeks will tidy up and keep the lawn neat.

Spiking: Regular spiking helps the grass roots access oxygen
in the atmosphere. It also assists with drainage and prevents the roots from becoming water-logged.


Paving, cladding & cobble edging (for applicable gardens)

Paving, cladding and cobble edging should be sealed every 6 months. Speak to a specialist at your local tile or hardware store to find a suitable brand.

Water Feature Maintenance (for applicable gardens)

Always ensure that the pump is fully submerged to avoid the pump burning out. Always check the water level before switching it on. Insert a chlorine tablet in the basin every 3-4 weeks to purify the water and to help avoid algae growth. (Chlorine tablets can be purchased at any water feature or pool outlet.) If the water is stagnant for a long period replace it with clean water.


Grounded Landscaping offers a seasonal maintenance service to assist with the fertilising, mulching and composting tasks to ensure that your garden thrives.

Thank you for choosing Grounded Landscaping to design and install your garden. We hope it gives you pleasure watching its growth and development as it begins to entice numerous birds and insects.

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